Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stuart Murals.....some windows for you

Windows....fourteen windows. I had six of them on the west side of the building and have eight on the East side. The one below shows some clown painting something. It looks like he has his 'plans' taped to the wall.....
Funky hat, eh?

In the next window is Mark, job supervisor, keeping an eye on everything. Mark's an all around nice guy and has been really helpful since I've been here in Stuart. I suppose that a set of plans he's holding, held together by my red string, of course.
The young in the photo hanging on the wall is Mark's son.

Next we have the proverbial cat in the window. Every window needs one, so says my sister. So here it is in all it's sun-basking glory......

And last, but not least, is Patrick the painter, lowering a bucket of paint to his comrades, who you will meet later. That blue thing at the bottom is part of the lift and the vertical gray bar on the right is the plastic wire-guard on the cement electric pole. It's really tight back in this corner.

I'll post a few more window pictures later and then the Ashley Gang corner, which I've already started....


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