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Yeah...I know. I've been a bad boy regarding updating this blog. I think I promised updates about both Homer and Dipsy Doo Dunkeroo. And since the clowns have already had their 'farewell event', at least, the 'public version', I'm going to try to finish this clown stuff off in one blog entry. And then I'll finally return to what I'm supposed to be writing about, which is my mural projects, of which there are several. More about them later...

So here we see four clowns.....from left to right, Homer, Painterskip, PainterMac & Dipsy Doo Dunkeroo. This was taken at the Farewell event at Selby Gardens which appeared to be very well attended.

Each artist got to sign large posters of the clown or clowns they each created, had our group photo taken and we were each given a Sharpie pen with with to sign the 'coffee table' books that were being sold. That was nice but the artists should have had name tags so that the public knew which clowns were artists....or would that be, which artists were clowns? Either way works....

For myself, it's been a sort of emotional roller coaster, what with all the uproar over the clowns and the vandalism. I put a ton of work into the two clowns I worked on, one of which I ended up doing twice since vandals stole his head and basketball and ripped him off his base. I had to track down the head mold from the Resource Factory, purchase new materials (resin, filler powder, epoxy, etc) and created a new head from scratch. And had to replace the basketball. I wish I had taken photos of that 're-process' but didn't....I wasn't in the mood. I hate doing things twice.

The other thing I don't like is going way out of my way to help someone and then having the credit given to someone else. This is what happened with the Cincinnati Reds clown I was asked to 'fix'. We showed up at Sunday's event only to find out that the bronze plaque screwed to Homer listed Jerry Springer as the 'artist' (he did nothing as far as I am aware) and also listed another artist.....but not me. And it was like this all the time Homer was on display at Ed Smith Stadium. So much for paying attention to details. Thanks. At least the Tidewell people made a quick paper label with my name on it on the spot. But after hearing probably ten people exclaim that "Wow! Jerry Springer painted this clown!".....well....enough was enough and I crossed his name out. (see photo) Sometimes I feel like Rodney Dangerfield:-)

And last, but not least, I believe that I promised to show the 'little surprise' I added to the Red's clown. I was told, by a few people, that they (the Reds) don't have a sense of humor. They were right:-) Of course, I kinda knew that after I talked with the director of their Sarasota operations and was told to 'not' paint Homer with the fun stuff I used on the Dick Vitale clown, like having his belly show and having Sponge Bob Square Pants undies showing. How boring it must be to live in Ohio, eh? (no....I'm not from Canada)

So in spite of their request, I decided to have a little fun and make a statement. being from the Philly area and still being a Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Wildcats fan, I decided to add a little tear in Homer's right pants knee. Behind the tear you can see, barely, a band aid. The band aid has a Philadelphia Phillies logo on it:-) So there....take THAT....:-)

Seriously though, it could have been there for any number of reasons. I'll that for the viewer to figure out.

Up next....several small murals and one really big one on the East coast. More on that later.....


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