Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And then there were none.......

So that's it....the last clown is finished. Contrary to what you may have read in the Sarasota Herald Trib, THIS GUY....none other than "Homer", is the last clown to be completed. He was 'removed' from my studio this morning by the clown crew and is on his way to the body shop to get his protective coat. And then it's on to Ed Smith Stadium. Finally....
To be fair, this guy had already been completed (by someone else) and well...not quite acceptable to the Reds high standards. Therefore.....he kept me company for awhile.

So here for your viewing pleasure are the first photos of the completed "Homer". I'm saving a few 'detail shots' until after he arrives at Ed Smith Stadium. Me, being from near Philadelphia and all, and being a very loyal guy at heart, ummm.....well...you'll have to check back later.....

Bye, Homer!

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