Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stuart, Florida...Part II

I finished the NE corner a few weeks ago. So below are the elements not shown in my previous post and one image of the entire NE corner of the building.
On the upper left we see Mackenzie with a fiendish look on her face....for some reason.
On the upper right is the artist painting a self portrait....in silhouette.

Aha....now we see why Mackenzie was looking so 'pleased with herself'. She just dropped a water balloon and it's heading right for her mom, who's looking out of the window just below. Picasso is wondering what all the fuss is about...and where that other dog came from.
That 'other dog' belongs to Linda, curator of the Geoffrey Smith Gallery in Downtown Stuart. He's playing the parking guard-dog, making sure that everyone parks in their proper places:-)

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