Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Finishing in Stuart....ummmm....nope.

Even though this panel is quite finished, I decided to include it anyway. The reason is that I had to move my monster hydraulic lift around back. It's been parked on Osceola Ave. for I guess about 3 weeks and a few people were becoming umm...antsy. Well....only two, actually. Parking here in Stuart, just like in Sarasota, is a challenge, and I was taking up 3 spaces on what is the main street. One guy, who arrived one evening in a cool little Porsche Boxster, thought he could park UNDER the boom of the lift. Really! So I got to use the nifty little horn on the lift, since I was up in the air painting. The Boxter guy looked at me like I was asking for his car. And all of a sudden his hands were waving around like a windmill, he backed up really fast, and proceeded to find a parking space way down...no...7 spaces away. And it was closer to his destination, the Flagler Grill & Bar. I'm dying to try out that restaurant....maybe just before I leave here...
Anyway, Mr. Boxter jumped out of his cool little car, arms still waving while marching across the street, all the while yelling at me...I couldn't tell what his was saying though, and I didn't think it was nice that he didn't wait for the young lady that accompanied him....I think it was his grand daughter.

So....back to the mural....

The lift you see here has been moved around back to Seminole Ave. and now every one's happy but me. I had to squeeze it into a narrow space right next to a large electric pole. Seems OK, so far. Oh...the murals.....right.

So as I promised in my previous installment, I've added something to the end of our brave fisherman's line.....and of course, it's a Sailfish. Also in that panel is a replica of a letter the Stuart Chamber of Commerce used to send to companies thinking of moving here. The yellow sign, which probably really wasn't yellow, is based on an old Stuart sign and that round think is a replica of the Stuart Sailfish Club's old logo. They've been around here forever and I thought it would be appropriate that they be represented. The postcard the fish is jumping out of is my design....I'll be adding another lamp like the one you see as well as some netting...somewhere.

As for those windows to the right....I'll save those photos for later. I added some interesting characters this time. Oh....regarding those characters. A brief explanation.

The four corners of the building are intended to be the focal point, if you will, and therefore, I've saved those four areas for the historical representations, which are, Chief Osceola, Frances Langford, Sailfishing in Stuart and still to be painted, the dreaded Ashely Gang. The fourteen small windows are sort of secondary and are not intended to have any historical significance. I've used the windows to attract attention by adding figures.....people.....some in action more than others. And it so happens that for most of the windows, I used live models and some happened to be working on the site while I was there. More about the windows in my next installment....soon.


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Blogger Jeff S said...

Thank you for including my father in your mural in Stuart. Of course, he will never let the family forget that he is THE MAN when it comes to fishing. Seriously, I was astonished at how lifelike the mural was and the craftmanship involved. Too bad you couldnt make him look 35 again (haha). Thank you again for including our family in your beautiful public display of art!

Jeff Shenning

4:03 PM  

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