Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Batter Up!!!

As usual, it's taking longer than I expected. I probably used this line before but.....they say, "Good things take time".

Almost all the fiberglass mess is completed....that ugle grey growth around Homer's neck is the 'scar' from where I removed that ugly frilly thing that he came with.

His new arms are basically finished and I decided to lengthen his sleeves.....mostly because I cut them too short in the first place.

Those of you familiar with these guys, at least, the group of Sarasota Clowns (no...I'm not talking about the City Council:-)) I was saying. I had to give him a haircut. It's really only temporary. He'll eventually be wearing a batting helmet and it wouldn't fit over his current hair-do.
So.....he'll be receiving a new, that'll see later.

And since he's already late getting to his party , so I gotta go paint....

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