Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Gallery Walk Tonight

It's that time of month again.....another Towles Court Gallery Walk, which means that I need to turn my messy studio into a somewhat presentable gallery. Or not.....
Honestly, I'm not sure what to expect tonight. Not that I really ever DO know what to expect, but there's hardly anyone left here. Towles Court is turning into an office complex.'s not exactly THAT bad, but it's currently about as bad as I've seen it in the nine years I've been here. Several galleries have moved or are moving to other parts of town. Some are empty...who knows why.....a bunch of artists leave for the summer (I'd love to). So it's slim pickings around here.....
Having said all that, I've been to other so-called 'arts districts' that had even less galleries and shops than we do so TC is still a great place to visit. Two great restaurants, soon to be three, I hear. I just wish the office people would go elsewhere. They all seem to be nice people....they just don't support TC.



Blogger SOS1 said...

Hey Skip--
Great Blog.

Nice to see the number of Sarasota blogs increasing.

Thanks for the link. I'll reciprocate.

Dick C

8:53 PM  
Blogger Painterskip said...

Thanks, Dick. I'm surprised there aren't more blogs about Sarasota. Maybe I just haven't found them....


9:16 AM  

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