Sunday, July 09, 2006

What I've Been Up To Lately and a Pleasant Surprise

Even before Weblogs or Blogs were started (I think), I was using my website to keep my readers (all two of them:-)) updated on what I was doing. For example, back when I was painting the big mural on the Crisp Building in downtown Sarasota, I decided right away to try to update my website daily with current photos and commentary about my progress. And while my attempt at doing that within my website was, and still is, kind of "clunky", it was very well received based on the emails I'm still receiving about my 'journal'. And that was close to six years ago.

Then a little over 2 years ago, I spent seven months up in the Florida Panhandle in a Gulf front development called Rosemary Beach, where I painted murals in a private home. I created a log for that project as well, but I just realized, ONLY 2 years later, that I never really finished the story on my website.....I think I was ready to get out of there and return home...and then forgot...sorry...

Anyway...I made another journal earlier this year for a project here in Sarasota on Pineapple Ave. This one wasn't as large as the others but has been receiving a good amount of attention, like this article in the July 6th issue of the Bradenton Herald by former Sarasota arts critic Joan Altabe, which was the pleasant surprise mentioned in the title. Above is a detail photo of the Pineapple Ave mural. It was great to talk to a lot of nice people.... Here's the link for that mural journal.

So the point of all this is to say that now that I'm trying to be a "Blogger", I wish I had a really big project to write about everyday.....right now. Not that I'm not busy. I'm always busy. I'm currently working on floorcloths and several graphic design projects.....a little faux finishing here and there.....a bunch of websites as well. I just think that the project needs to be somewhat sizeable to share as a journal. I have two good ones coming here in Sarasota and one late this year on the East coast. So stay tuned........all two of you:-)



Blogger Joe Moraca said...

Your work is just really good...

8:04 PM  
Blogger Painterskip said...

Thanks Joe! I gotta tell ya...this has been one weird day....I just 2 minutes ago left a comment on another blog that I found through one of YOUR blogs.

Still shopping for houses in your neighborhood...(thers goes the neighborhood!)

8:11 PM  

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