Monday, July 23, 2007

Fishin' in Stuart

So....where's the fish? What? You didn't know it's not about catchin' the's all about the fishin'. Or something like that. I'm not sure I buy it. Either does the guy below. I'm not sure why he's smiling like that but his name is John and he happens to be the guy in charge around the building I'm painting.....unless the 'real' guy in charge shows up. And then he's not in charge anymore. Oh....John is the one holding the fishin' rod, not the one sitting on the railing. That's Frank. I'm not sure who the little fella is peeking out between the balusters, but he's got my red string in his beak.

As for the missing fish.....patience please. You'll just have to stop back here in oh......maybe 3 or 4 days.

Below we see a big blank space. Actually, it was blank before I painted part of it and now it partially blank. It's possible a fish may end up here. One guess what kind of fish it will be. I AM in Stuart, you know?

Oh.....that shelf....yes....that's a shelf. See the first or second entry I made re this mural to get an idea of how it might look in a few days....sort of.
And here's a photo of this corner of the building as of today. I got down from the lift just before a rather large storm hit.....
Stay tuned for the final photos from this corner and then it's on to a slew of smaller windows and a host of unsavory characters:-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stuart, Florida...Part III

Poof! Just like that, I finished the next corner......yeah...right:-) I just haven't been updating the blog as often as I should. In any case, the beautiful blond you see standing on the balcony is none other than Frances Langford, well known local movie star. Developer Mike Ryan thought it would be a good idea to have her on the mural somewhere since the building is directly across from the Lyric Theatre, built in 1925 as a silent movie house and currently used for all kinds of cool events. I missed an Outlaws concert there a few weeks back as well as a Firefall/Poco concert.
Back to Frances......see that bird? It's a peacock and apparently she was found of them or collected them...or both. The image is from a movie she starred in called "The Bamboo Blond" and if you look closely in the detail photo below, you'll see that she's connected to the peacock by my ever present red string. The photos of the last two windows on this side of the building show a silhouette of a lady sitting at her dressing table in the left window and in the right window we find Mackenzie's twin sister, also named Mackenzie. This Mackenzie is somewhat the tomboy, always wearing that baseball hat. That's probably her sister's shirt she's hanging out the window.
Next stop.....the South West corner and the funny fisherman.....stay tuned.

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Stuart, Florida...Part II

I finished the NE corner a few weeks ago. So below are the elements not shown in my previous post and one image of the entire NE corner of the building.
On the upper left we see Mackenzie with a fiendish look on her face....for some reason.
On the upper right is the artist painting a self silhouette.

 we see why Mackenzie was looking so 'pleased with herself'. She just dropped a water balloon and it's heading right for her mom, who's looking out of the window just below. Picasso is wondering what all the fuss is about...and where that other dog came from.
That 'other dog' belongs to Linda, curator of the Geoffrey Smith Gallery in Downtown Stuart. He's playing the parking guard-dog, making sure that everyone parks in their proper places:-)

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