Saturday, October 21, 2006

Meet Dipsy Doo Dunkeroo

After several weeks of working in a cloud of fiberglass dust and epoxy fumes, Dipsy Doo Dunkeroo has finally been completed. He was actually 'taken away' about three weeks ago, by a couple guys in white coats, and hasn't been seen since. Last I heard he was being 'sprayed'.....for what, I'm not sure.

So as you can see in the first photo, Dipsy is a basketball star. His sponsor is the family of ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale and all the elements you will find on Dipsy have something to do with either Dick Vitale or Tidewell hospice......

For example...................
Here you see "The Rock", Dick's own basketball, as well as the number 79, which is when he started announcing for ESPN.

Here you can see one of Dick's famous outbursts....err...I mean, sayings, sewn onto Dipsy's shirt with my everpresent red string.

On his back is another saying, written on some notepaper and taped to his shirt. You can also see a Notre Dame tatoo on his lower back.

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