Saturday, November 05, 2011

All I can say

    Another full day spent in my 'penthouse suite' at Hotel Parking Garage Sarasota. It was much more pleasant today....slight breeze and it got warm enough to remove my sweatshirt, unlike yesterday when I was sure I was going to go home to retrieve my winter coat. Really....

    Today I almost finished the marquee....I was sure I'd get it all done....the marquee, not the mural. It wasn't meant to be....and I worked steadily from about 8:30 am until after 6:30 pm. I think I need to use bigger brushes:-) I did start work on the ticket window, which, after some indecision, is turning out kind of nice....I'll spend tonight working on the image of whoever I decide should be sitting behind that window, which is really going to be iron bars.....

    I'm going to post my latest photo below but then I'll post some of the other artists work in progress below and you'll see why I titled this post the way I did.....

    So here is my probably doesn't look a whole lot different than last time...

Me, Maci and my mural. Oh..and my wind-blown hair...
The ticket window, so far.
   Now for the other artists work.....

   Below is the Opera themed mural being painted by Monica Spain and Marco Bell, both from Sarasota. Very cool.
Opera mural in progress by Marco & Monica

    Next up is MTO  (I'll post their links at the bottom). MTO is one guy and he brought along an assistant. They are French but are currently based in Berlin. They use only cans of spray paint and their theme is 'film'. And their work is incredible. Hence...the 'wow'.
Mural in progress by MTO of Berlin, Germany
    One more floor down (we started up in my penthouse, remember?) is Chor Boogie who is from Cailfornia. He too uses spray cans.....a lot of spray cans:-) And his work is also amazing.
Mural in progress by Chor Boogie of California

    And the last floor down being painted is the work of Edwardo Kobra and his crew. They are from Brazil and use air brushes to paint....not sure yet if they use them exclusively. All I know, so far, is that they started only this morning, have at least 2 airbrushes going at once...maybe 3 or 4, and the work is again, incredible.No pics yet of the garage project murals they are painting. I'll take a few in the morning and post tomorrow night.

    Oh...and a HUGE thank you to Denise Kowal, Jonathan Parks, Chris Gallagher and Michael "he who should not be named" (inside joke) for choosing us to be a part of this project. 

    Below are the links to those participating.

Monica Spain & Marco Bell - Bella Arte Studio, Inc. 
Chor Boogie
Eduardo Kobra
Jonathan Parks (architect)


Blogger Spgety said...

A lot of work very well done!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Awesome murals. Nice coverage and photos.

-Steve Schadt, Sarasota Photographer

7:36 PM  
Anonymous steve schadt said...

Great coverage and murals. Keep up the good work

Sarasota Photographer Steve Schadt

7:37 PM  

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